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  • Dimensions: 2280 x 1340 mm
  • Form: Round;
  • Type of wood: Spruce;


The delivery of the sauna takes place in the following forms:

Selected shower (flat pack) – the price includes the selected shower, placed in a special box (on a pallet), and instructions for assembling the shower. The price does not include the installation of the shower in your yard and the painting of the product

Assembled shower in stock – the price includes the assembly of the shower in stock and painting the product with the oil paint color of your choice.

Woodpecker team assembles a shower in your yard – contact for price. The price of assembling each product in your yard is individual and depends on: transportation distance, access point and other conditions. Shower painting works are not carried out in the client’s yard, because the weather may be cool, humid and other unfavorable conditions that will not allow the sauna to be properly painted/impregnated right away.

Delivery costs:

The price depends on the distance. If delivery is required from our side, ask about the price individually. Lifting/loading equipment is absolutely necessary for unloading.

Exception – lifting/loading equipment is not required if the product is delivered as flat pack and assembled by the Spa Europe team. However, helpers are needed to load the chosen sauna in parts and take them to the sauna assembly place.


According to invoices, we accept cash and bank transfers.

Production and delivery time:

Term 3-6 weeks. The term depends on the production load.

Installation time: 1-2 days.

For any information, please contact us using the product inquiry form or email: