Ofuro tub

Ofuro tub

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Ofuro tub


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Woodpecker OFURO oval-shaped fiberglass tub is a perfect choice for two people. More intimacy and private relaxation for a couple.

Due to its size and closed seating shape of a tub (you are not able to put or slide legs under the seats), the water capacity is smaller than in standard round tub. Thus, it takes less time to heat up the water, which is additional benefit for you.

  • Fiber glass hot tub with wooden trim (standard – made from spruce)
  • Tub insulation by polyurethane foam (prolongs warm water)
  • Fiber glass top cover (helps to heat the water faster and prevents from dirt)
  • Wooden two-tier steps (makes so easy to get into the hot tub)
  • Round outside heater with chimney protection and a rain cowl (standard – made from stainless steel ANSI 430)
  • Two stainless steel straps around the tub (tightens the tub and keeps it in shape)

Ofuro tub

Heater power – 30 kW (We do not take any responsibility for incorrect power ratings made by suppliers).
Heater dimensions – Height 60 cm / Length 50 cm / Diameter 50 cm / Thickness ~2-4 mm.
Heating time – around 1,5 – 3  hours depending on the wood / weather conditions, etc.
Stainless steel – ANSI 430 by standard. For more information click here.
Wooden trim – siding wood thickness is around 20 mm.
Fiberglass tub – thickness is around 4,5 mm.
People capacity – (8 – 10 people) depends on a tub size.

Ofuro tub

Outside dimensions

Inside dimensions


74.80 inches (190 cm)

66.93 inches (170 cm)


47.24 inches (120 cm)

39.37 inches (100 cm)


10.55 inches (103 cm)

37.01 inches (94 cm)


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